About The Artist

Laurel Hibbert
Laurel Hibbert was born and raised in Lachine, Quebec. She attended MacDonald College and McGill University. Upon moving to British Columbia in 1989, she attended the University of Victoria where she received a further teaching degree majoring in art methods. Laurel taught elementary school a total of 40 years before retiring in 2009.
In retirement she has found time to devote to painting, working in a variety of mediums from acrylics to oild, watercolour, pen and ink.
Her Work is remarkable for its vibrant colour and for its story telling quality. It is illustrative, whimsical, and captures moments in time. Looking at her work invites the viewers to ask what has just happened or what is about to happen. Most of her work has a joyful quality. She paints from her imagination and from deep memory. Her characters sometimes possess a curious Slavic or Scandinavian appearance which surprises the artist since she has no background in this area. She longs to travel but for now paints her imaginary destinations on canvas. Her work is in private collections around the world. She is prolific and reflects a wide range of subject matter.